Hotel Bathroom with Hearts

There was a time once

when love was in the loo, too

our past in Paris

* * *
David Rheins



Indian Poetry Festival Submission:



Let us install peace

Conquer seven deadly sins

With united strength

* * *

P.Gopichand &P.Nagasuseela
Andhra Pradesh, India

Water Stinks

Water Stinks by DRheins
Water Stinks, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

from the tap seeps stink

past dishes, counters and sink

It’s OK to drink?

* * *
David Rheins

Nature Center

Nature Center Liberty State Park by DRheins
Nature Center Liberty State Park, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

we pass through pillars

wrapped in green time, overgrown

towards the narrow light

* * *

David Rheins

Debris Watch

Tsunami Debri Watch Sign by DRheins
Tsunami Debri Watch Sign, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

On the beach we search

for signs from far away storms

foam, and foreign script

* * *


Festival of lamps

Spell the victory of Good

Warning to evils

 * * *

P.Gopichand &P.Nagasuseela

Andhra Pradesh, India


Sunflowers by DRheins
Sunflowers, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

On strong youthful stalks

We stretch to touch the Sun God

While our sunshine lasts

* * *

David Rheins

Peace House

Peace House, Bolinas, CA, originally uploaded by DRheins.

Soft-shingled with age
nestled into the road’s nook
we arrive here now

 * * *

David Rheins



Brother and Sister

Like strong creepers entwine well

Rakhi- a sweet bond

* * *

P.Gopichand &P.Nagasuseela

Indian Phoku Festival


Tons and tons garbage

Waste matters in clear waters

Marring life on earth

* * *


Let us face others’

Anger and indifference

With understanding

* * *

Let us not look back

In great anger and vengeance

All grief will be brief

* * *


Yellow coconuts

Like moon light attracts young hearts

Dry tongues made us drink

* * *

Pains and Rains

Too many showers

Scanty rain and sudden storms

Paralyze farmer

* * *


Laptops eat our day

As seasons fill calender

Throughout our life time

* * *

 P.Gopichand &P.Nagasuseela