Photography + Haiku = Phoku!

PhokuFeed is a community of independent artists from around the globe who like to marry poetry and pictures in interesting mashups.

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Welcome to PhokuFeed, the new WordPress blog where the ancient Japanese poetry form Haiku (written in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables) is coupled with artistic photography. The resultant mashup we call Phoku.  You don’t have to love poetry to love Phoku. Because of its brevity and image-rich quality, Phoku is viral, and wants to be shared. Phoku is the perfect poetic format for the Twitter Age, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a PhokuFeed channel on Twitter: @PhokuFeed . We invite you to follow us there as well.

This site is meant to be interactive. On these pages, we will be showcasing Phoku from staffers and contributors, as well as those serendipitous findings we stumbleupon as we walk the web.

Thanks for stopping by, and by all means, leave a Phoku or Haiku. All comments are welcome.

Thank you,

David Rheins



PhokuFeed is brought to you by the folks at Free Pamphlet Publishing.

Mid-Drift May Day

Mountains at Snow Lodge

Still winter Stone Park May Day

Old Faithful blows cold

* * *

David Rheins

All work copyright@Free Pamphlet Publishing 2011.

“We believe in the cosmic giggle!”


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