Sidewalk Constitution

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The fourth amendment
at the rally in bright chalk
Cannabis Parade

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David Rheins

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Yurt Reservation

Rotten kids screaming all night

I should have stayed home

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rocky coast

From the cold deep sea

your tall beam beckons sailors

to skirt your sharp edge

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David Rheins

Give us this day

Springtime Kirkland WA by DRheins
Springtime Kirkland WA, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

The birds in the trees
don’t ask who delivers
each day’s daily bread

Why then
in my molted state
should I?

Last Wishes

Where would you put me
If I ceased to be this day
Nowhere I call home

Dig not the deep pit
Nor fill dead veins with oil
Singe me clean and quick

On wings of rank smoke
I shall leave as I have lived
Quiet and alone

* * *
David Rheins

Blue Ice

Blue Ice

frost so thick it sticks
snow like on my small back yard
blooming in the shade

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David Rheins

Wild Mushroom

Wild Mushroom by DRheins
Wild Mushroom, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

perfect like an egg

overnight pop-up delight

atomic spore art

Last Stand


Outlaw holly stand

Enemy of arborists

Awaits the axe man

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David Rheins

Kirkland Cool

A yellowing sky

at blue dusk this fine fall day

Colors Kirkland cool

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David Rheins

l’shana tova

 Buddha 2009, originally uploaded by DRheins.

Open book of life

Each year we reflect, repent

God’s gift: do-over

* * *

David Rheins